35 Awesome DIY Glass Project Craft Ideas that are Easy to Do

26 Painted Drinking Glass

Painted Drinking Glass26. Painted Drinking Glass: I’m always on the lookout for mason jars. I love to make luminaries from them, but I noticed that my kids were using them occasionally as drinking glasses. My kids are teens and up, so they like the heavier, sturdy glass over a plastic cup. Plus, I think they believe that the jars actually hold Read More (via Crafts by Amanda)

27 Craving Snack Jar

Craving Snack Jar27. Craving Snack Jar: For this project you will need: Food safe glass jars with good lids white craft vinyl land cutting machine OR stick on vinyl letters from craft store vinyl (via Mom Spark)

28 Confetti Champagne Glasses

Confetti Champagne Glasses28. Confetti Champagne Glasses: Here’s a pretty way to dress up your glasses for the big New Years Eve celebration. They sparkle and shine as the lights bounces off the glitter drips. Your guests will love them! A fun way to usher in the new year with friends. FYI air drying is 21 days HOWEVER you can still Read More (via Crafts by Amanda)

29 Geometric Glass Vase

Geometric Glass Vase29. Geometric Glass Vase: I love seeing all the geometrics happening in interior design. If you look closely, you’ll notice it everywhere. So when I had the chance to play with some geometric decals recently, I was completely on board. Its fun to add a little bit of trend to keep your spaces spontaneous. But for me its (via Homeology Modern Vintage)

30 Colorful Hand-Dotted Tumblers

Colorful Hand-Dotted Tumblers30. Colorful Hand-Dotted Tumblers: Gather your friends for a fun afternoon of crafting while making these colorful and unique hand-dotted tumblers. Along with being easy to create, the finished tumblers cost around $3 each to make. Pick up tumblers from your local resale shop or dollar (via Popsugar)

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