35 Awesome DIY Ideas and Tutorials to Reuse Old Books

16 Accordion-Style Travelogue

Accordion-Style Travelogue16. Accordion-Style Travelogue: A travel scrapbook can showcase photographs from your trip as well as printed ephemera gathered along the way, such as business cards, wine labels, cafe napkins, and sightseeing scraps. (via Martha Stewart)

17 Book Planters

Book Planters17. Book Planters: I am a firm believer that it doesn’t take much to add a little charm to your home or office. During my recent visit to Poke Acupuncture, I noticed that Russell had added tons of new decorations. My favorites were his DIY homemade book planters. Here is a step by step lesson on how to create them yourself. (via Apartment Therapy)

18 Book Coasters

Book Coasters18. Book Coasters: If you are looking for unique crafts for men, these DIY comic book coasters are perfect. Use materials right from the hardware store! (via Mod Podge Rocks)

19 Literary Book Clock

Literary Book Clock19. Literary Book Clock: Super easy project, make a book into a clock. Perfect for a child’s bedroom–use a storybook. Or the kitchen–use a cookbook. I made one for my friend’s two-year-old (who is currently obsessed with clocks) and it went over well. (via mdhaworth)

20 Make a purse out of a stack of old books

Make a purse out of a stack of old books20. Make a purse out of a stack of old books (via Boing Boing)

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