35 Awesome DIY Ideas and Tutorials to Reuse Old Books

26 Book Page Pennant Banner

Book Page Pennant Banner26. Book Page Pennant Banner (via Creative Green Living)

27 Book Christmas Tree

Book Christmas Tree27. Book Christmas Tree: Gleeson Library (San Francisco) made this lovely Christmas tree last year. After the holiday, all books were back in the collection! (via Recyclart)

28 Book Invitations

Book Invitations28. Book Invitations (via Ruffles and Stuff)

29 Book Storage Boxes

Book Storage Boxes29. Book Storage Boxes: Get creative with recycled materials with these ideas from CountryLiving (via Country Living)

30 Book Headboard

Book Headboard30. Book Headboard: My apartment doesn’t have much on the walls. I’ve always wanted a headboard. I love books. Answer? Book headboard. (via jessyratfink)

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