35 Awesome DIY Project Ideas to Get Designer Decor Using Dollar Store Items

11 Bottle Chandelier

Bottle Chandelier11. Bottle Chandelier: Using travel bottles (read: CHEAP), make this sparkling and chic plug in pendant light! (via City Suburb Sanity)

12 Soap Dispensers

Soap Dispensers12. Soap Dispensers (via Keep Calm and Decorate)

13 Simple Dresser Mirror

Simple Dresser Mirror13. Simple Dresser Mirror: Make a glam dresser mirror using dollar store gems and a plastic tray. (via Create and Babble)

14 Owl Silhouette Hurricane Vase

Owl Silhouette Hurricane Vase14. Owl Silhouette Hurricane Vase: I have seen a lot of beautiful hurricane vases, and yes I have left my drool on a few prettier ones. Even at the department discount stores like TJ Maxx, and Marshalls they can run as much as $15-$20. I […] (via Bargain Briana)

15 Front Door Winter Decor

Front Door Winter Decor15. Front Door Winter Decor (via The Craft In Me)

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