50 Coolest DIY Science Project Ideas that are Basically Magic

1 Bouncing Bubble Experiment

Bouncing Bubble Experiment1. Bouncing Bubble Experiment (via CrazyRussianHacker)

2 Magic Crystals

Magic Crystals2. Magic Crystals: Magic Crystals (via Bitz and Giggles)

3 Crystal Names

Crystal Names3. Crystal Names: Activity for ages 3 and up. This easy-peasy, low cost science experiment uses borax to grow crystal names. Whether your child is 3 or 103, they resure to get excited about seeing their name shimmer and sparkle in the sunlight. Crystal names are one of our favorite kids science experiments yet. Even though my 5 year old can easily write (via Playdough to Plato)

4 Blow a bubble cube

Blow a bubble cube4. Blow a bubble cube (via HooplaKidzLab)

5 Moon Dust Paint

Moon Dust Paint5. Moon Dust Paint (via Learn Play Imagine)

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