35 Awesome Tricks to Transform Your Bathroom The Best Room In The House

1 Glass Top Vanity

Glass Top Vanity1. Glass Top Vanity: DIY Glass top makeup vanity (via Liz Marie Blog)

2 3D Mirror Wall Art

3D Mirror Wall Art2. 3D Mirror Wall Art: DIY stunning 3D mirror art for your walls – Full (via monsterscircus)

3 Make Some Faux Milk Glass

Make Some Faux Milk Glass3. Make Some Faux Milk Glass: I love vases, and today’s faux milk glass DIY will show you the easy way to change up your old vases. What you’ll need: Assorted vintage glass vases (I found mine at a local thrift store, 9 pieces for $5) Rubbing Alcohol (optional)…Read More (via Oh Everything Handmade)

4 Unique Twinkle-light

Unique Twinkle-light4. Unique Twinkle-light: a few weeks ago i was asked by a blogger friend and her team to stage and take pictures of a few different kid friendly spaces (for a book, eek!). only catch? the deadline was just a week away. so i scrambled, dealt with some self doubt and almost told them i couldn’t do it. i (via rae ann kelly)

5 Wooden Triangle Shelves

Wooden Triangle Shelves5. Wooden Triangle Shelves: We had a few requests for the diy for these wooden triangle shelves back when we posted the Tripod Lamp – so this post is for you if you were wondering how to make your own triangle shelf!Mike actually made me a couple of these shelves a year or two ago to hang in our bedroom. Our bedroom is still (via The Merrythought)

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