35 Awesome Tricks to Transform Your Bathroom The Best Room In The House

31 Easy Mirror Makeover

Easy Mirror Makeover31. Easy Mirror Makeover: Well, I did it. I painted the bathroom mirror. Before, the mirror had a finish straight from the 90’s. It didn’t look too bad from afar. But get up close and you’ll pick up what I’m laying down. On Thursday, I didn’t know which color I’d choose. After much careful consideration deciding to take the bull (via Our Humble Abode)

32 Leather and Copper Cup Organizer

Leather and Copper Cup Organizer32. Leather and Copper Cup Organizer: As much as I love making items that are pretty or cute just for the sake of aesthetics (which is a totally valid reason to make something), there’s always a special satisfaction I get when I work on something that’s functional as well as easy on the eye. I wanted some sort of hanging organizer for my bathroom where I could store makeup brushes and other everyday makeup items, but… (via A Beautiful Mess)

33 Bathroom Window Remodel

Bathroom Window Remodel33. Bathroom Window Remodel: A blog for me to keep my ideas, thoughts and things that I love to create all in one place (via My Sp0arkled Life)

34 For a sleek design, add some glass shelves

For a sleek design, add some glass shelves34. For a sleek design, add some glass shelves: DIY Network shares creative ideas for organizing a small bathroom. (via DIY Network)

35 Bathroom Cabinet Makeover

Bathroom Cabinet Makeover35. Bathroom Cabinet Makeover: This blogging thing is really getting to me! In a GOOD way, of course. ???? After over a year of blogging and researching and surfing and pinning.I finally succumbed to the DIY bug and decided to tackle a somewhat significant project in my house. I must have been a bit mental when I saw this (via One Good Thing by Jillee)

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