35 Cheap But Creative Ways You Can Keep Your Kids Busy

1 Pom Poms Through a Tube

Pom Poms Through a Tube1. Pom Poms Through a Tube: Keep toddlers busy with these hands-on activities. (via Teaching Mama)

2 Sugar Writing Tray

Sugar Writing Tray2. Sugar Writing Tray (via Hello Bee)

3 Marble Bowling Game

Marble Bowling Game3. Marble Bowling Game: DIY Marble Bowling with Pencil Eraser Pins Last spring, we sold our home and moved into a larger home, which we actually purchased from friends. Their kids are older than ours, and so as they cleaned out items and packed, they ended up leaving behind a few things for the boys, including the game room…Read More (via Frugal Fun for Boys)

4 Balloon Rockets

Balloon Rockets4. Balloon Rockets: Make balloon rockets to learn about air pressure, action & reaction, and more. Simple science fun for kids. (via Discover Explore Learn)

5 Fun Water Games for Kids

Fun Water Games for Kids5. Fun Water Games for Kids (via Mamas Like Me)

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