35 Easy Furniture Makeover Ideas For Your Grown Up Apartment

21 Thrift Store Desk Makeover

Thrift Store Desk Makeover21. Thrift Store Desk Makeover: Thrift Store Desk Makeover & the beginning of a Home Office (via northstory)

22 Faux Brass Drawer Fronts

Faux Brass Drawer Fronts22. Faux Brass Drawer Fronts: Give any space a quick and shiny makeover with these DIY faux brass drawer fronts! (via Sugar and Cloth)

23 Paint a Lampshade

Paint a Lampshade23. Paint a Lampshade: This was such a fun little DIY. And easy too. I was giving this corner of my living room a little face-lift a couple of weeks ago (Yes, yes. Ill show you real soon!) and my plain old off-white, kinda stained, nothing special lamp shade really started to bug me again. A few hours later, (via The Creek Line House)

24 Rocking Chair Makeover

Rocking Chair Makeover24. Rocking Chair Makeover: This simple diy Rocking Chair Makeover using chalk paint was so easy. From rustic to beachy in a few short hours. What a great furniture transformation. (via Kleinworth & Co)

25 Mid-Century Asymmetrical Dresser

Mid-Century Asymmetrical Dresser25. Mid-Century Asymmetrical Dresser: Mid-Century Modern dresser before and after painted furniture in mint and copper with wood accents. (via visualheart)

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