35 Creative Under 5 Minute Easy Sewing Projects

1 Super Easy Sunglasses Case

Super Easy Sunglasses Case1. Super Easy Sunglasses Case: Use this quick and easy sunglasses case pattern to make a carrier for your shades in just 3 steps. (via Crazy Little Projects)

2 No Sew High Waist Bikini

No Sew High Waist Bikini2. No Sew High Waist Bikini (via Hello There Handmade)

3 5 Minute Infinity Scarf

5 Minute Infinity Scarf3. 5 Minute Infinity Scarf: How to make an infinity scarf in 5 minutes with very basic sewing skills- all you have to do is cut and sew a straight line! (via Sweet C’s Designs)

4 Lace Cuff Watch

Lace Cuff Watch4. Lace Cuff Watch: With just a few bucks and a small amount of work you can rock a one of a kind, fun DIY Lace Cuff Watch. (via Down Home Inspiration)

5 5 Minute Maxi Skirt

5 Minute Maxi Skirt5. 5 Minute Maxi Skirt: A DIY blog that makes sewing easy and fun with free how to’s and projects (via Randomly Happy)

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