35 Insanely Genius Surprise Inside Cake Recipe Ideas

21 Halloween Surprise Cake

Halloween Surprise Cake21. Halloween Surprise Cake: colorful cake under this poured black frosting (via Created by Diane)

22 Pumpkin Inside the Cake

Pumpkin Inside the Cake22. Pumpkin Inside the Cake (via Worth Pinning)

23 Inside Ring Cake

Inside Ring Cake23. Inside Ring Cake: Learn to make this Surprise-Inside Cake with a hidden engagement ring (made of cake) inside. A step-by-step tutorial by Amanda Rettke from her new book, Surprise-Inside Cakes. (via The Cake Blog)

24 Piñata Cake

Piñata Cake24. Piñata Cake: The origional pinata cake! An amazing update to the everyday party cake – Follow our simple DIY directions for a cake you will adore… (via A Subtle Revelry)

25 Rainbow Piñata Cake

Rainbow Piñata Cake25. Rainbow Piñata Cake: A colorful, rainbow-shaped, candy-filled surprise cake. (via Tablespoon)

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