35 Insanely Genius Surprise Inside Cake Recipe Ideas

31 Zebra Striped Surprise Cake

Zebra Striped Surprise Cake31. Zebra Striped Surprise Cake: In this cake blog tutorial, you will learn how to make a zebra striped effect on the inside of your cakes! (via My Cake School)

32 Leopard or Cheetah Cake

Leopard or Cheetah Cake32. Leopard or Cheetah Cake (via azlita masammanis)

33 Hidden Polka Dots

Hidden Polka Dots33. Hidden Polka Dots (via Once Upon A Pedestal)

34 Checkerboard Birthday Cake

Checkerboard Birthday Cake34. Checkerboard Birthday Cake: Today we are continuing the birthday cake series with a checkerboard birthday cake. I love this idea because it will surprise your guests giving them a bit of a WOW factor when the cake is cut. It is a particularly great cake for the guys and the avid board game lovers in your life. To make a checkerboard (via A Subtle Revelry)

35 Surprise Heart Cake

Surprise Heart Cake35. Surprise Heart Cake: Share With Your Friends Finally!! Is that what you are thinking? Its ok. You can admit it. We are all friends here. Do you remember this little thing? Pin It Well it turns out some of you daring bakers want to make this Surprise Inside Cake yourselves. Yeah you! I cant wait to see and read (via I am a Baker)

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