35 Inspiring DIY Bird Feeder Plans and Ideas

1 Suction Cup Bird Feeder

Suction Cup Bird Feeder1. Suction Cup Bird Feeder (via Love Live and Garden)

2 Plate and Bowl Bird Feeder

Plate and Bowl Bird Feeder2. Plate and Bowl Bird Feeder (via Erin’s Creative Energy)

3 Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder3. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder (via The Garden-roof Coop)

4 Thrifted Glass Bird Feeder

Thrifted Glass Bird Feeder4. Thrifted Glass Bird Feeder: Collect a few glass pieces from thrift stores & garage sales to make your own DIY Glass Bird Feeder. It’s easy. I promise. And I show you how! *great gift* (via day2day SuperMom)

5 DIY Teacup Bird Feeder

DIY Teacup Bird Feeder5. DIY Teacup Bird Feeder: How To Make A Teacup Bird Feeder (via Budget Savvy Diva)

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