37 Awesome DIY Projects Using Paint Chips

21 Ombre Earrings

Ombre Earrings21. Ombre Earrings (via Minted Strawberry)

22 Clock Makeover

Clock Makeover22. Clock Makeover (via Kojo Designs)

23 Paint Chip Lampshade

Paint Chip Lampshade23. Paint Chip Lampshade: Are you as nut so about paint chip projects as I am? I’m semi-worried that I might get arrested next time I’m pulling samples at my local paint department. Is there a law against taking too many?* Okay, so lets just say that I have collected many samples over the years while contemplating room colors (which (via Pretty Handy Girl)

24 Table Makeover

Table Makeover24. Table Makeover (via Minimozblog)

25 Woven Credit Card Holder

Woven Credit Card Holder25. Woven Credit Card Holder (via Dollar Store Crafts)

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