37 Awesome DIY Projects Using Paint Chips

26 Paint Chip Business Card

Paint Chip Business Card26. Paint Chip Business Card: I love my new business cards, but they have a semi sad sad story attached to them not to mention an issue [more on that later]. I made them with the intentions of going to Creative Estates. I won a ticket from The Idea Room, got an airline ticket with miles for $7.00, found 3 (via C.R.A.F.T.)

27 Framed Art

Framed Art27. Framed Art: Looking for a way to fill that blank wall but don’t have permission to paint? All you need is a trip to a major hardware store and an afternoon in front of a good movie to take care of that little dilemma. Supplies Needed: Large frame with paper insert, a ton of pretty paint chips, double-sided tape squares, and vinyl letters appropriate to the size of your frame or phrase… (via A Beautiful Mess)

28 Paint Chip Calendar

Paint Chip Calendar28. Paint Chip Calendar (via Maple and Magnolia)

29 Swatch Chandelier

Swatch Chandelier29. Swatch Chandelier: A paint-swatch chandelier? I think so ???? {Step 1} You’ll need a whole bunch of paint swatches in your desired colours (seriously, emphasis on the whole bunch part). I picked a variety of blush, pink and red hues so I could get a fancy ombre look to my chandelier but I can only imagine how many different looks you could go for with your own chandelier. Using a scalloped paper punch you’ll need to punch about 40 -60 swatches into little medallions. Keep the medallions divided by colours in little saucers or cups like below. {Step 2} I bought my lamp shade (my chandelier base) from Lowes for about 5 bucks. Using an Exacto knife and super sharp metal scissors I carefully cut apart the fabric lamp shade, peeling away the pieces until the metal parts were as exposed as possible. When picking out a lamp shade I tried to pick out one where the bottom diameter is much smaller than the top. This will make your layers of paint swatch medallions hang better and thus […] (via Hey Gorgeous Events)

30 Paint Swatch Boxes

Paint Swatch Boxes30. Paint Swatch Boxes (via How About Orange)

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