40 Awesome DIY Food Gifts You Can Easily Make at Home

16 Seasoning Mixes

Seasoning Mixes16. Seasoning Mixes: Admit it. When you think of making or baking some type of holiday gift you think of cookies. Or maybe candy. No matter what it is I guarantee its full (via 100 Days of Real Food)

17 Christmas Macaroon Mix

Christmas Macaroon Mix17. Christmas Macaroon Mix: Flaky coconut and candied cherries add unique flavor to these delicious cookies. Layer the ingredients in a jar to give as a holiday present. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

18 Mirthful Christmas Party Kit

Mirthful Christmas Party Kit18. Mirthful Christmas Party Kit: Curating the very best packaging design (via Lovely Package)

19 Sweet and Savory Breakfast

Sweet and Savory Breakfast19. Sweet and Savory Breakfast: Homemade fare becomes present-worthy in pretty, use-again packages. Use these DIY gift basket ideas on CountryLiving for housewarmings, holidays, and more! (via CountryLiving)

20 Home-Baked Cookies in a Revamped Pringles Can

Home-Baked Cookies in a Revamped Pringles Can20. Home-Baked Cookies in a Revamped Pringles Can (via Marciatack.fr)

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