40 Beautiful No-Knit DIY Scarf Tutorials

1 Easy Braided Scarf

Easy Braided Scarf1. Easy Braided Scarf (via Put Up Your Dukes)

2 Sunshine Scarf

Sunshine Scarf2. Sunshine Scarf: I feel a little guilty divulging this information, as if I’m betraying the whole rest of the spectrum, but I have to admit that I have a favorite color… yellow. And not just any yellow, not baby yellow or lemon yellow or mustard yellow, but deep and bright and clear sunshine yellow, the kind of yellow that emits its own light and whistles its own carefree tune. When it comes to this kind of yellow, Alchemy is the master, hands down. Alchemy’s yellows are saturated and fresh, like pollen-soaked blossoms. Using them to make a scarf in August feels like the perfect way to bring the heat of summer into the upcoming crisp nights of autumn. While Madeline Tosh’s beautiful Tosh Merino Light serves as the soft, neutral ground, Alchemy’s Kozmos provides the entertainment, not only with its splash of intense color, but also with its play of texture: a little fuzzy, a bit shiny, and a lot gorgeous! (via Purl Soho)

3 Multi-Strand Scarf

Multi-Strand Scarf3. Multi-Strand Scarf: I am a huge fan on no-sew projects from recycled clothing. If you were a fan of my no-sew DIY Workout Shirt,you will enjoy this one as well. Plus they will look très chic when worn together! Behold, a scarf that is perfectly lightweight and easy-to-wear to your Yoga or Bar Method class and stylish enough Read more… (via Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth)

4 Stylish No Knit Yarn Scarf

Stylish No Knit Yarn Scarf4. Stylish No Knit Yarn Scarf: We love Rike Feurstein. Her hats are sick and her chunky knits are lusciously bold and amazing. And when we saw her Dylan scarf, we thought it was genius. A scarf that didn’t require knitting? Sign me up! We love to knit but it can be time consuming and time is money, right? Here is our attempt at (via Honestly WTF)

5 Freezer Paper Stenciled Scarf

Freezer Paper Stenciled Scarf5. Freezer Paper Stenciled Scarf (via How About Orange)

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