40 DIY Concrete Projects You Can Make with Simply a Bag of Concrete Mix

1 Concrete Vases

Concrete Vases1. Concrete Vases (via Homemade Modern)

2 Concrete Number

Concrete Number2. Concrete Number: So if you read the first and second parts on my summer concrete project you might want to see the final result. If not skip this post, I totally understand if you’re sick of all the prep work. Anyway, I… (via Chez Larsson)

3 Drawer Pull

Drawer Pull3. Drawer Pull (via Projektila)

4 iPad Stand

iPad Stand4. iPad Stand: This Instructable will demonstrate how to make a concrete iPad stand from a plastic popcorn bucket, it’s inspired by a project from the Easy Concrete Projects book. No previous experience working with concrete is necessary, but you should be comfortable cutting thin plastic with a hand saw, shaping styrofoam, mixing and pouring concrete, cutting away the plastic form, sanding the base, and making the shelf that supports the device from wood or tile. Time Required: 1-2 hours + 2 days to cure Weight: 4-6 pounds Materials: Plastic Popcorn Form ($1 section at Target) Sacked Concrete Mix – NON-Aerated, 5000 psi is ideal (one 60lb bag will produce about 12 of these forms) CHENG Pro-Formula Mix (1 cubic foot box per two 60lb bags) CHENG Sealer CHENG Wax Styrofoam (small scrap pieces) Wood (.5″ thick) 2 Part Epoxy Tools: Ruler Permanent Marker Clear Packing Tape Hand Saw (Japanese style with fine … (via CHENG Concrete)

5 Geometric Paper Molds for Candles and Concrete

Geometric Paper Molds for Candles and Concrete5. Geometric Paper Molds for Candles and Concrete: Make candles, coat hooks and a bunch of other handy knick-knacks with HomeMade Modern’s Bloktagon templates. (via Homemade Modern)

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