45 Smart Solutions to Keep Your Kids Organized

21 Chore Chart

Chore Chart21. Chore Chart (via A Spotted Pony)

22 Chore chart using clip boards and clothes pins

Chore chart using clip boards and clothes pins22. Chore chart using clip boards and clothes pins (via Finding the Balance)

23 Chore Board Station

Chore Board Station23. Chore Board Station: Encourage your kids to help around the house with this fun & easy-to-make DIY Chore Board! (via Handmade Charlotte)

24 Chore Chart Checklist Printable Template

Chore Chart Checklist Printable Template24. Chore Chart Checklist Printable Template: Chore Chart Checklist Template, checklist template, free printable, kids chore chart, cleaning checklist template, printable chore charts, (via kleinworth and Co)

25 Plastic Under Bed Drawers

Plastic Under Bed Drawers25. Plastic Under Bed Drawers: I am not a fan of wasted space. I like to make use of as much of it as we can, without feeling cluttered. One of the spaces that is easily wasted is under your bed. Even if your bed only rises a fe… (via Pins and Procrastination)

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