50 Fabulous Kids Toys You Can Make Yourself

1 Backyard Ball Run

Backyard Ball Run1. Backyard Ball Run (via Learning Through the Clutter)

2 PVC Periscope

PVC Periscope2. PVC Periscope: My son came to me with an idea to build a periscope. He had found a simple project in a book which used a milk carton and two mirrors. We had a couple… (via Instructables)

3 Rainbow Ribbon Wands

Rainbow Ribbon Wands3. Rainbow Ribbon Wands (via Twig & Toadstool)

4 Magnetic Fishing Pole

Magnetic Fishing Pole4. Magnetic Fishing Pole (via Made by Joel)

5 Quiet Book

Quiet Book5. Quiet Book (via Powerful Mothering)

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