50 Awesome and Creative Ways to Have the Best Classroom Ever

26 Colored Pasta Beads

Colored Pasta Beads26. Colored Pasta Beads (via My Name is Snickerdoodle)

27 Make Your Own Rainbow Crayons

Make Your Own Rainbow Crayons27. Make Your Own Rainbow Crayons: These handmade Rainbow Crayons are a fabulous and easy craft to make for your kids that they will absolutely love! (via Momtastic)

28 Pom Dry Erase Markers

Pom Dry Erase Markers28. Pom Dry Erase Markers (via Everyday with the Jays)

29 Reminder Bracelet

Reminder Bracelet29. Reminder Bracelet (via New Management)

30 No Name board for homeless homework

No Name board for homeless homework30. No Name board for homeless homework (via Mrs. Brown’s Blog)

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