50 Awesome DIY Halloween Decoration Project Ideas

41 Hanging Cheesecloth Ghosts

Hanging Cheesecloth Ghosts41. Hanging Cheesecloth Ghosts: Easy cheesecloth ghosts tutorial to craft with kids. (via Crafts Unleashed)

42 Bloody Handprint Clings

Bloody Handprint Clings42. Bloody Handprint Clings: Make creepy bloody window decorations you can re-use with these step-by-step instructions with photos. (via Kylyssa)

43 Toxic Spill and Insects

Toxic Spill and Insects43. Toxic Spill and Insects: Deck out your front door, porch, sidewalk, and yard with eerie Halloween decorations that cast a spooky spell over the whole neighborhood. Each easy Halloween ideas is made for outdoor displays and can weather the cold or rain. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

44 Flying Bats

Flying Bats44. Flying Bats (via MADE)

45 Wire Ghosts

Wire Ghosts45. Wire Ghosts: Today is a good time as any to scare your friends. And here’s a new trick on how to get a few good screams. You simply need the fence you would (via Wacky Archives)

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