50 Cute Costumes You Can Make for Halloween

1 Lily Costume

Lily Costume1. Lily Costume: Martha and our art director, Anduin Havens, make an adorable lily costume that attaches right to a baby carrier. Part 1. (via Martha Stewart)

2 Baby Aerobics Instructor

Baby Aerobics Instructor2. Baby Aerobics Instructor (via Homemade by Jill)

3 Baby Pea in a Pod

Baby Pea in a Pod3. Baby Pea in a Pod: This cute costume starts with an oversize sweatshirt no sewing needed! (via Parenting)

4 Baby Mushroom Costume

Baby Mushroom Costume4. Baby Mushroom Costume (via Wispy House)

5 Robocop Costume

Robocop Costume5. Robocop Costume (via Inhabitots)

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