50 Awesome DIY Handmade Gift in a Jar Project Ideas

1 Lemon Bath Salts

Lemon Bath Salts1. Lemon Bath Salts: Are you just looking for the perfect Spa Gift in a Jar? This Diy Lemon Bath Salts couldn’t be easier to make, and are the perfect addition to any bath! (via The Frugal Girls)

2 Jar Santa Cakes

Jar Santa Cakes2. Jar Santa Cakes: Check out our Mason Jar Santa Cakes and discover more inspiration on Celebrations.com (via Celebrations)

3 Bath Fizzies

Bath Fizzies3. Bath Fizzies: Ice-cube trays serve as molds, giving the fizzies their shape. Using a flexible silicone model lets you slide the cubes out smoothly without breaking them. Show off the colors of the bath fizzies in glass jars with screw tops, the kind used for storing sugar and flour. Pack each type of fizzy in a separate jar so the scents won’t meld. Write the name of the scent on a vellum tag (choose a shade that matches the fizzies), and punch a hole in the top. Thread the tag with ribbon, and tie it around the jar. Citric acid, a common food additive, is available at wine-making-supply stores, some spice shops, and online. When citric acid is combined with baking soda and placed in water, a chemical reaction creates bubbles.*Makes 1 dozen (Use 2 per bath). (via Martha Stewart)

4 Old Fashioned Popcorn in a Jar

Old Fashioned Popcorn in a Jar4. Old Fashioned Popcorn in a Jar: This year I saw old fashioned popcorn through new eyes when I watched my kid squeal as we made Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn. Sometimes the simplest things in life (via Cooking with My Kid)

5 Homemade Sugar Scrub

Homemade Sugar Scrub5. Homemade Sugar Scrub: Hydrate your hands and feet with two easy to make homemade sugar scrub recipes. Easy to make and perfect for gifting at TidyMom (via Tidy Mom)

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