50 Awesome DIY Stencil Decor Project Ideas

31 Stenciled China Cabinet

Stenciled China Cabinet31. Stenciled China Cabinet: royal design studio stenciled china cabinet by burlap+blue (via Burlap and Blue)

32 Stenciled Arrow Pillow

Stenciled Arrow Pillow32. Stenciled Arrow Pillow: Today, I want to talk about trends. Well actually, one trend, arrows. I’m seeing them everywhere in home decor and I’m loving it. Recently, Beth from Home Stories A to Z shared a wonderful round up of Arrows in Home Decor and I was completely inspired to begin a project showcasing arrows. (via Making Home Base)

33 Stenciled Shopper

Stenciled Shopper33. Stenciled Shopper: Being an employee at Blitsy, I get access to thousands of products. This is good AND bad. Its good because I get to shop items that neither Michael’s nor Joann’s have (SCORE!), but its bad because all I want to do is shop!!! Speaking of shopping, we recently ran these blank shopper totes. If you remember (via Happiness is Creating)

34 Trellis-Stenciled Bookcase Backsplash

Trellis-Stenciled Bookcase Backsplash34. Trellis-Stenciled Bookcase Backsplash (via Martha Stewart)

35 Stenciled Curtains

Stenciled Curtains35. Stenciled Curtains: How to stencil curtains, using white curtains, a stencil pattern and paint for a unique DIY project. Cutting Edge Stencils, gold paint. (via Decor Adventures)

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