50 Awesome DIY Stencil Decor Project Ideas

21 Stenciled Mirror

Stenciled Mirror21. Stenciled Mirror: Easily stencil a mirror for a room brightening yet gorgeous wall decor solution! (via Dream a Little Bigger)

22 Stenciled Tea Towels

Stenciled Tea Towels22. Stenciled Tea Towels: Contact paper is my new best stencil friend. If you’re a regular around these parts, you probably know I usually use freezer paper to stencil paint onto fabric (exhibits 1,… (via Lovely Indeed)

23 Stenciled Coasters

Stenciled Coasters23. Stenciled Coasters: Today I am going to show you how you can stencil pretty much anything in less than a minute. I found these adorable wood coasters at Target and I gave them a quick makeover using stencils and spray paint. I love how the gold patterns give them a modern chic look. here they are ready to… (via The 36th Avenue)

24 Stenciled Pencil Holder

Stenciled Pencil Holder24. Stenciled Pencil Holder: Add some color to your office supplies with this easy stenciled pencil holder diy! (via The Crafted Life)

25 Fly Away Stenciled Curtains

Fly Away Stenciled Curtains25. Fly Away Stenciled Curtains: Ah! It’s Friday again! Thank goodness. I’m skipping Friday Faves this week to share a fun project I just finished. I’ve mentioned it a few times now, but I’ve been craving some serious coral late… (via Brittany Makes)

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