50 Awesome Paper Quilling Craft Ideas and Tutorials

11 Malaysian Flower

Malaysian Flower11. Malaysian Flower: Learn how to make a Malaysian flower with this free paper quilling tutorial! (via Honey’s Quilling)

12 Little Daisies

Little Daisies12. Little Daisies (via ArtLife)

13 Turtle Pendant

Turtle Pendant13. Turtle Pendant: Learn how to make this adorable 3D miniature turtle to use as a pendant, earrings, magnet, or anything else you’d like it for! All you need are some strips of paper and a few simple tools. (via Honey’s Quilling)

14 Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse14. Mickey Mouse (via Crafting Creatures)

15 Quilled Angel

Quilled Angel15. Quilled Angel (via Crea Quilling)

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