50 Awesome Storage Solutions that Kids Will Love to Use

26 Pegboard Organization

Pegboard Organization26. Pegboard Organization (via House on Ashwell Lane)

27 Wall-Mounted Kraft Paper Roll Dispenser

Wall-Mounted Kraft Paper Roll Dispenser27. Wall-Mounted Kraft Paper Roll Dispenser: Paper-Roll-Dispenser-George-and-Willy-2 (via Design Milk)

28 The Motherboard, for artwork and schoolwork organization

The Motherboard, for artwork and schoolwork organization28. The Motherboard, for artwork and schoolwork organization: Ideas to organize your kids artwork and schoolwork and school papers. Organizing has never been easier or more fun! Using an old frame, clipboards and (via Kylie M. Interiors)

29 Store Game Board as Wall Art

Store Game Board as Wall Art29. Store Game Board as Wall Art: If you have been around Infarrantly Creative for any length of time you know about my disdain for children game boxes. They always get crushed and pieces get lost. Well here’s a little storage … (via Infarrantly Creative)

30 Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage30. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage: I’ve made a little progress on my bathroom makeover this week! I really wanted a functional way for my kids to keep their toothbrushes clean and have little toothpaste waste as possible. I’ve seen Mason Jar Storage all over blogland and Pinterest, I have no clue where the original source came (via Lolly Jane)

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