50 Awesome Storage Solutions that Kids Will Love to Use

41 Clothes organizer for Kids

Clothes organizer for Kids41. Clothes organizer for Kids (via How Do It)

42 Clear Toy Storage Bags (with drawstring closure)

Clear Toy Storage Bags (with drawstring closure)42. Clear Toy Storage Bags (with drawstring closure): Why do kids like toys with so many itty bitty little pieces? I guess it increases the fun factor. Tiny brushes. Tiny shoes. Tiny tea pot sets. Tiny cars. Well, my little girl really wants some new Polly Pockets for Christmas.and when she told me that, I almost tried talking her out of it. (via Make It and Love It)

43 Fabric Storage Bucket

Fabric Storage Bucket43. Fabric Storage Bucket: Get your toys organized with this clear fabric storage bucket tutorial (via Melly Sews)

44 Build colorful bookshelves

Build colorful bookshelves44. Build colorful bookshelves: Two architects on a DIY mission to remodel their 1910 fixer-upper in Seattle into a modern and sustainable home for their growing family. (via Chezerbey)

45 Keep magnetic toys in place

Keep magnetic toys in place45. Keep magnetic toys in place: Blogger Jordan Ferney lives in a 500-square-foot apartment in San Francisco with (via A Cup of Jo)

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