50 Beautiful DIY Felt Flower Craft Ideas You Can Easily Make

36 Long Stem Rose

Long Stem Rose36. Long Stem Rose (via Oh My! Handmade)

37 Tulips

Tulips37. Tulips (via Зуева Анна)

38 Beautiful Felt Flower

Beautiful Felt Flower38. Beautiful Felt Flower: This house number door wreath adds a fun pop of color to your front entrance while being practical and functional at the same time. (via One Dog Woof)

39 Super Sweet Anemone

Super Sweet Anemone39. Super Sweet Anemone: We show you exactly how to make the perfect felt anemone in this step by step tutorial… and we also share our favorite resource for gorgeous wool felt! (via Something Turquoise)

40 Flower Air Freshener

Flower Air Freshener40. Flower Air Freshener: Sometimes cars carry a unique smell. A forgotten bit of food, an overturned latte, or sweaty gym clothes can cause your auto not to be the best-smelling spot for your morning commute. Make things better with a cute and wonderful-smelling DIY felt air (via Popsugar)

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