50 Creative and Simple DIY Project Ideas of How to Reuse Old Doors

41 Old Door Wedding Arch

Old Door Wedding Arch41. Old Door Wedding Arch: From the classic look to a completely innovative idea; who knew there were so many choices for a wedding arch these days? Creativity seems to … (via Hill Country Wedding Blog)

42 Daybed and Headboard

Daybed and Headboard42. Daybed and Headboard: Made from doors and a few boards, this twin-size daybed is easy to make and provides lots of storage. You can build it in a weekend. (via Lowe’s)

43 Door Organizer

Door Organizer43. Door Organizer: I officially love the door organizer. But, now with the magnetic knife addition and some re- organizing, I really, really love it. I’m seriously considering open kitchen shelving in my future home. It makes putting things away so simple. Here’s the door with its new arrangement Here is the original how to organize a kitchen (via C.R.A.F.T.)

44 Door Turned Headboard

Door Turned Headboard44. Door Turned Headboard: Looking for the secret to the easiest DIY headboard? Start with a door, and end with a stunning headboard! Read more for the full tutorial… (via Home Made by Carmona)

45 Old Door Family Room Table

Old Door Family Room Table45. Old Door Family Room Table (via Joys of Home)

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