50 Creative and Simple DIY Project Ideas of How to Reuse Old Doors

46 Old Door Coffee Table

Old Door Coffee Table46. Old Door Coffee Table: Remember the exterior door turned coffee table that J built a few years ago? We’ve been using it in our living room ever since we moved into the new house. (Check out the new paint!?) I love the table because its sturdy and durable, and it can handle all sorts of feet-propping and abuse from my 3 year old. And the best part? The door was completely FREE! My neighbor had this old door lying in a trash pile beside {Read More} (via Unskinny Boppy)

47 Old Door Garden Gate

Old Door Garden Gate47. Old Door Garden Gate (via Rock-Oak-Deer)

48 Repurposed Old Door Swing

Repurposed Old Door Swing48. Repurposed Old Door Swing: As a part of our advocacy for increasing the awareness and the level of material reclamation, we’ve created our Exclaim Your Reclaim (EyR) campaign. We feature case studies of creative re-use, and include as much detail as possible, including the heritage of the materials the family tree, if you wil (via Emergent Structures)

49 Old Door Banister

Old Door Banister49. Old Door Banister (via Chic Design Investments)

50 Repurposed Door Toddler Bed

Repurposed Door Toddler Bed50. Repurposed Door Toddler Bed: How to make a toddler bed out of an old door. An old door gets repurposed and makes a perfect big boy bed for your toddler. Fits a crib mattress. (via My Repurposed Life)

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