50 Creative DIY Buttons Craft Ideas and Tutorials

41 Vibrant Button Tree on Canvas

Vibrant Button Tree on Canvas41. Vibrant Button Tree on Canvas: Buttons aren’t just for seamstresses you know. I always have a stash of buttons on hand for a variety of projects. I love using them with kids crafts, they are great for dressing up little projects, and perfect for a quick embellishment. Buttons definitely have more uses than just fastening a blouse closed. This button Read More (via Crafts by Amanda)

42 Button Blossoms

Button Blossoms42. Button Blossoms (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

43 Wire and Button Letter

Wire and Button Letter43. Wire and Button Letter (via CraftyPod)

44 Button Stamp

Button Stamp44. Button Stamp: Create stamps from materials you already have sitting around the house and have an endless supply of textural stamps for various paper projects. (via Factory Direct Craft)

45 Button Clock

Button Clock45. Button Clock (via Martha Stewart)

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