50 Easy DIY Storage Ideas to Organize Kids’ Rooms

1 Toy Storage Bags

Toy Storage Bags1. Toy Storage Bags: Why do kids like toys with so many itty bitty little pieces? I guess it increases the fun factor. Tiny brushes. Tiny shoes. Tiny tea pot sets. Tiny cars. Well, my little girl really wants some new Polly Pockets for Christmas.and when she told me that, I almost tried talking her out of it. (via Make It and Love It)

2 Organized Lego Storage

Organized Lego Storage2. Organized Lego Storage (via iHeart Organizing)

3 Hanging Toy Storage

Hanging Toy Storage3. Hanging Toy Storage: Tweet Pin It Ive spent some time hunting for a good organization system for my boys stuffed animals. Ive seen hammocks which hang in a corner of the room (wont work because there’s no free corner in their bedroom) and large custom built stuffed animal zoos ($200+) and bookshelves with dowels running down the (via It’s Always Autumn)

4 Rolling Toy Storage

Rolling Toy Storage4. Rolling Toy Storage: A few weeks ago I was so excited to receive a box of fun Folk Art Paints and Handmade Charlotte stencils. Now, I have never really used stencils before, so I was a little nervous to try it out. But I did have a project in mind, so I decided to be brave and give it (via Liz on Call)

5 Hidden Game and Toy Storage

Hidden Game and Toy Storage5. Hidden Game and Toy Storage (via Plumberry Pie)

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