50 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Plastic Bottles

1 Bounty Hunter Rocket Jet Packs

Bounty Hunter Rocket Jet Packs1. Bounty Hunter Rocket Jet Packs (via Doodlecraft)

2 Hanging Wall Garden

Hanging Wall Garden2. Hanging Wall Garden (via rosenbaum)

3 Solar Bottle Bulb

Solar Bottle Bulb3. Solar Bottle Bulb (via World Architecture News)

4 Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Rainbow Bubble Snakes4. Rainbow Bubble Snakes: Take bubble blowing to the next level. Learn how to make colorful bubble snakes that your kids will love! Best part, wands are built from your recycle bin. (via Housing a Forest)

5 Twine Fab Lighting

Twine Fab Lighting5. Twine Fab Lighting: Ideas for upcycling and repurposing things you may throw out (via The Refab Diaries)

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