35 Creative Ways to Reuse Empty Shampoo Bottles

1 Toy Shampoo Monster

Toy Shampoo Monster1. Toy Shampoo Monster (via Estéfi Machado)

2 Multi-purpose Holder

Multi-purpose Holder2. Multi-purpose Holder: Do not throw away all empty lotion/Shampoo bottles. Reuse it and make Multi-purpose holders. You can use the holder for charging cell phones or for o… (via Instructables)

3 Pencil Organizers

Pencil Organizers3. Pencil Organizers (via Made in Mommyland)

4 Door Knob “Mailbox”

Door Knob “Mailbox”4. Door Knob “Mailbox”: Try recycled Valentine’s Day ideas instead of buying new — like turning an empty shampoo bottle into a door knob mailbox! (via Crafting a Green World)

5 Use to Hide Valuables

Use to Hide Valuables5. Use to Hide Valuables: Sometimes simple is better, but when it comes to foiling a would-be robber, you need to think about creative ways to secure your valuables in places and objects where they simply wont think to look. Whether youre at home, in… (via SafeWise)

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