50 Designer Knock-Offs That You Can Simply DIY

1 Anthropologie Lace Cardigan

Anthropologie Lace Cardigan1. Anthropologie Lace Cardigan (via Life is Beautiful)

2 Flutter Flower Shirt

Flutter Flower Shirt2. Flutter Flower Shirt: Follow a step-by-step tutorial to make your own J Crew inspired Flutter Flower Shirt with Momma Go Round. (via Momma Go Round)

3 Burberry Prorsum Geometric Beaded Top

Burberry Prorsum Geometric Beaded Top3. Burberry Prorsum Geometric Beaded Top: inspiration realisation realization diy fashion blog (via inspiration and realisation)

4 Suede and Brass Cuff

Suede and Brass Cuff4. Suede and Brass Cuff: Ever since I saw that Celine suede cuff on the runway last year, I’ve been kind of obsessed with it. I said back then that I would DIY it and I’ve only just gotten around to it. I even went to visi… (via Sketch42)

5 Ungaro Flower Power Sunglasses

Ungaro Flower Power Sunglasses5. Ungaro Flower Power Sunglasses: Prada started it all with their line of bold poorly-plucked-cartoon-character-eyebrowshades, and Ungaro has joined in on the fun with these funky 60’s inspired flower power sunnies that are sure to garner confused stares and giddy admiration. DIY with some H&M sunnies, a handful of buttons and a hot glue gun to be ready for the (via Runway DIY)

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