50 Easy DIY Projects to Make and Sell

46 Dollar Store Days Until Christmas

Dollar Store Days Until Christmas46. Dollar Store Days Until Christmas (via Lizzi’s Creations)

47 Hot Wheels Display Shelf

Hot Wheels Display Shelf47. Hot Wheels Display Shelf (via Lumberjocks)

48 Glass Gem Marble Letter Magnets

Glass Gem Marble Letter Magnets48. Glass Gem Marble Letter Magnets: Glass Gem Marble Letter Magnets We have a set of the plastic letter magnets on our fridge and Sammie really likes making words out of the letters. I really like seeing her playing with them, but wanted to find a prettier version. (via 2 Big, 2 Little)

49 Kids’ Art Apron

Kids' Art Apron49. Kids’ Art Apron (via Obsessively Stitching)

50 Wine Cork Keychains

Wine Cork Keychains50. Wine Cork Keychains: Yesterday I revealed some of the Library makeover. So glad you all like it! It is a slow process of getting it all together and right but the space is really being used now and we love that! Many of you commented to me about the art work.here is the post about how I made it.Large (via Cleverly Inspired)

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