50 Easy DIY Projects to Make and Sell

31 Colorful Pacifier Clip

Colorful Pacifier Clip31. Colorful Pacifier Clip (via Running With Scissors)

32 Ruffled Keychain Fabric Key Fob

Ruffled Keychain Fabric Key Fob32. Ruffled Keychain Fabric Key Fob: Finally a tutorial for my Ruffled Keychain Fobs!! They’re a fabric wristlet that hooks to your keys, so you can wear them on your wrist, grab them easily, etc. I have been making these quite a while and always sell out of them when they’re listed in my Etsy Shop (I should probably stock (via Sugar Bee Crafts)

33 Snowman Poop Gift

Snowman Poop Gift33. Snowman Poop Gift (via Enchanted Ladybug Creations)

34 Faux Leather Pencil Cup

Faux Leather Pencil Cup34. Faux Leather Pencil Cup: Organize your desk with this recycled faux leather pencil cup. Perfect for back to school! (via Transient Expression)

35 Yarn Ball Bookmark

Yarn Ball Bookmark35. Yarn Ball Bookmark (via Design Mom)

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    thats very cool and some are cute.

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