50 Genius DIY Garage Storage and Organization Project Ideas

6 Screw Storage and Organization

Screw Storage and Organization6. Screw Storage and Organization: Did you think I’d gone mad? Ha! Still loving every minute of it! Since we were on the subject of jars yesterday I’m showing you another way to re-purpose them today. We are avid peanut butter eaters in this family,… (via Chez Larsson)

7 Fold up garage table

Fold up garage table7. Fold up garage table (via Turtles and Tails)

8 Jumbo Tape Dispenser

Jumbo Tape Dispenser8. Jumbo Tape Dispenser: Jumbo Tape Dispenser I have five or six different kinds of tape in my shop, and last weekend I got fed up with rooting through a drawer to find the one I wanted. To solve the problem, I built this tape dispenser that holds a variety of tape widths and types. I made my dispenser from scraps of 3/4-in. birch lumber but plywood will work. Almost all regular-size rolls of tape (via Popular Woodworking)

9 Garage Ceiling Sliding Storage System

Garage Ceiling Sliding Storage System9. Garage Ceiling Sliding Storage System: If your garage is running out of space, try building this overhead storage system. The construction is simple and fast, and the whole system is made with standard materials. (via Family Handyman)

10 Bike Shelf

Bike Shelf10. Bike Shelf: … (via Sightline Dailsy)

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