35 Insanely Creative DIY Planters Project Ideas and Tutorials

1 Colored Pencil Plant Pot

Colored Pencil Plant Pot1. Colored Pencil Plant Pot: Craft beguiling arrangements that cost next to nothing by pairing humble housewares with plants from the garden. (via Country Living)

2 Old Paint Can Planters

Old Paint Can Planters2. Old Paint Can Planters: Get ideas for turning throwaway items into smart-chic container gardens at HGTV (via HGTV)

3 Hanging Garden Boots

Hanging Garden Boots3. Hanging Garden Boots (via Rosy ~ Posy)

4 Turn Old Switch Plate Covers Into Desktop Planters

Turn Old Switch Plate Covers Into Desktop Planters4. Turn Old Switch Plate Covers Into Desktop Planters: Taking objects that was bound of the landfill and making something useful out of it is something we can get behind. We have talked at length about the benefits of having plants in the home office, so why not create a great planter for them out of old switch plates? (via Apartment Therapy)

5 Fence Hanging Pots

Fence Hanging Pots5. Fence Hanging Pots: I just might attempt to create this. Looks simple enough, right? A couple of 9″ terra-cotta pots, spray paint, flower pot hangers and some wood screws…boom, a suspended garden. Isn’t it a lovely look? P.S. If you fear DIY, you can always buy off the wall planters instead. {Images via DIY Ideas} (via Happiness Is…)

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