50 Genius DIY Project Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Letters and Words, the Results are Awesome

16 Penny Pincher Monogram Letter

Penny Pincher Monogram Letter16. Penny Pincher Monogram Letter: Visit Joann.com for more inspiration and details. (via Joann)

17 Planked Sign

Planked Sign17. Planked Sign (via That’s My Letter)

18 Sea Shell Monogram

Sea Shell Monogram18. Sea Shell Monogram (via Purple Hues and Me)

19 Washi Tape Letter

Washi Tape Letter19. Washi Tape Letter: I know putting strips of washi tape on a letter is not a new idea, I have seen lots of them too. But I wanted to share mine with you just because it turned out so darn cute! I am also sharing a tutorial just in case you wanted to know how to make […] (via The Crafty Blog Stalker)

20 Love Sign

Love Sign20. Love Sign (via Popcosmo)

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