50 Genius DIY Project Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Letters and Words, the Results are Awesome

36 Letter Wreath

Letter Wreath36. Letter Wreath: This couldn’t be easier AND it looks great on your front door or bedroom! Twine wrapped letter wreath tutorial–great gifts for new home, baby, or wedding! (via Baby Dickey)

37 Faux Metal Wall Letter

Faux Metal Wall Letter37. Faux Metal Wall Letter (via My Yellow Umbrella)

38 Letter Gift Topper

Letter Gift Topper38. Letter Gift Topper: description (via Crème de la Craft)

39 Moss Covered Letter

Moss Covered Letter39. Moss Covered Letter (via Oh Louise!)

40 Jumbo Bottle Cap Letter

Jumbo Bottle Cap Letter40. Jumbo Bottle Cap Letter (via the 3 R’s blog)

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