50 Healthy Party Snacks Recipes that are Perfect for Halloween

36 Jack-O’-Lantern Mandarin Orange Cups

Jack-O'-Lantern Mandarin Orange Cups36. Jack-O’-Lantern Mandarin Orange Cups (via Becoming a Bentoholic)

37 Crunchy Halloween Mummies

Crunchy Halloween Mummies37. Crunchy Halloween Mummies: Wrap up Halloween spirit with these crisp celery snacks, with deli ham slices doubling as edible mummy rags. (via Betty Crocker)

38 Snack Cheese Eyeballs

Snack Cheese Eyeballs38. Snack Cheese Eyeballs (via Cute Food For Kids?)

39 Ghost Cheese and Apricot Fruit Bugs

Ghost Cheese and Apricot Fruit Bugs39. Ghost Cheese and Apricot Fruit Bugs (via Natural Noshing)

40 Earwax Appetizers

Earwax Appetizers40. Earwax Appetizers: These disgusting finger foods will get your kids into the Halloween mood, shock your guests and grossify your party! (via Tablespoon)

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