50 Spooky and Delicious Halloween Food Ideas and Recipes

1 Frozen “Boo”-nana Pops

Frozen 1. Frozen “Boo”-nana Pops: Delicious Clean and Healthy Recipes From My Family To Yours. All recipes include calories and Weight Watchers Points. (via Skinny Taste)

2 Spider Web Snacks

Spider Web Snacks2. Spider Web Snacks (via Mom Endeavors)

3 Cheddar Witch’s Fingers

Cheddar Witch's Fingers3. Cheddar Witch’s Fingers: These ghastly little nibbles are rich with cheesy flavor, and a real snap to make. Prep and Cook Time: 55 minutes. Notes: Keep the dough cool as you work with it to prevent stickiness. (via My Recipes)

4 Scary Watermelon Brain

Scary Watermelon Brain4. Scary Watermelon Brain: If you think the watermelon brain is way too hard to make, don’t worry! Below, we show you how to make a Halloween watermelon brain carving with our easy to follow step by step instructions. (via Home Ever After)

5 Edible Eyeballs

Edible Eyeballs5. Edible Eyeballs: Create Edible Eyeballs, a pirate craft inspired by the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, with step by step instructions provided by Disney Family. (via Disney Family)

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