50 Inexpensive and Awesome DIY Gift Ideas That Anyone Can Do

21 Hollow “Secret Stash” Book

Hollow 21. Hollow “Secret Stash” Book: This week we’re sharing how to make your own secret stash book!I’ve always had a soft spot for hollow books; the idea of looking like a little angel whilst hiding something like a little devil has … (via Miss Vicky Viola)

22 Photo Tile Coasters

Photo Tile Coasters22. Photo Tile Coasters: Three years ago I moved to Oregon, just weeks before Christmas. Mark and I had to come up with an idea for family gifts in a hurry with a limited budget. I had seen a set of four decorative coaster… (via Du Buh Du Designs)

23 Stay Put Elastic Bookmark

Stay Put Elastic Bookmark23. Stay Put Elastic Bookmark (via Make It and Love It)

24 A Magic Bottle

A Magic Bottle24. A Magic Bottle (via artsy ants)

25 Homemade Slime for Cleaning

Homemade Slime for Cleaning25. Homemade Slime for Cleaning (via Simply Living Smart)

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