50 Inexpensive and Awesome DIY Gift Ideas That Anyone Can Do

41 Printing Leather Jewelry

Printing Leather Jewelry41. Printing Leather Jewelry: I already posted a sneak preview on my facebook page about this tutorial and I finally got the chance to share it with you! I am very excited about this tutorial, because I think its one of my favorites so far. Ive made many DIYs for my blog and I have enjoyed doing each and every (via Lana Red Studio)

42 Pretty Pouf

Pretty Pouf42. Pretty Pouf: With a can-do attitude, and $50, you can create an on-trend accent for your home. Our step-by-step guide shows you how to make a pouf that’s charming and practical that can serve as an ottoman or pouf seating. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

43 All Natural Handmade Soap

All Natural Handmade Soap43. All Natural Handmade Soap: UPDATE: Welcome! This post has been so popular that I thought I might add some of the amazing soap recipes that I have made over the years or that book authors have so graciously shared here. Did you know that there is a whole natural skincare series of posts here on Garden Therapy? From soaps and lotions to bath bombs … (via Garden Therapy)

44 Tassel Charm Bracelet

Tassel Charm Bracelet44. Tassel Charm Bracelet (via Thanks, I Made It)

45 Mason Jar Vases

Mason Jar Vases45. Mason Jar Vases (via Please Note)

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