50 Perfect Pom Pom Projects For Jazzing Up Everyday Items

46 Crazy Rug

Crazy Rug46. Crazy Rug (via Poppytalk)

47 Bouquet: Flowers

Bouquet: Flowers47. Bouquet: Flowers (via Me and Him)

48 Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace48. Statement Necklace: The moment we saw designer Nicole Akong’s dramatically colorful jewelry collection, Conquistadora, we were smitten. Honestly, what’s not to love about these ethnic and tribal inspired pom pom necklaces? And how can we resist figuring out how these beauties were made? With just a few feet of (via Honestly WTF)

49 Lampshade

Lampshade49. Lampshade (via Depto51)

50 Shoes

Shoes50. Shoes: A 5-Step DIY to Dressing Up Standard Strappy Heels (via InStyle)

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