50 Trendy Copper DIY Project Ideas

11 Copper Chemist Vase

Copper Chemist Vase11. Copper Chemist Vase: Popping in this morning with a tutorial on how to make a copper chemist vase! What you need: -Two test tubes. I stumbled upon mine at a garage sale, but there are a bunch on ebay. -A block of wood … (via The Merry Thought)

12 Copper Bottle

Copper Bottle12. Copper Bottle (via Hello! Upholstery)

13 Faux Copper Planter of Cardboard

Faux Copper Planter of Cardboard13. Faux Copper Planter of Cardboard: Save money on expensive pots and planters with this quick and easy project that will conceal any ugly plastic container in about five minutes, for less than $1 a piece. Using some leftover contact paper I had lying around from this project, I whipped up some faux metal containers to hide the ugly plastic ones my store-bought houseplants came in. Inspired by these solid brass planters from Ferm Living, I created hexagon and pentagon vessels for a fraction of the price. One roll of $10 contact paper will make anywhere from 10-20 planter covers like these, depending on the size. Here’s how… (via Curbly)

14 Copper Pipe Jewelry Display

Copper Pipe Jewelry Display14. Copper Pipe Jewelry Display: This copper pipe jewelry display is easy to make and will look great on your dressing table. Tutorial by Seattle jewelry maker Moorea Seal. (via The Home Depot)

15 Copper Lack Shelf

Copper Lack Shelf15. Copper Lack Shelf (via Life At Home)

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