50 Trendy Copper DIY Project Ideas

21 Rustic Modern Copper Planters

Rustic Modern Copper Planters21. Rustic Modern Copper Planters: This warm and rustic yet contemporary copper planters are killer. They’d work in any kind of space, whether you live in a lush home or a modest apartment. Having a fair share of greenery adds lots of life to your environment, and it looks super polished, especially when you dress your plants in swanky pots like these copper planters found in Garden Life. These planters are a wee pricey ($225) but copper ain’t cheap. Here’s where the crafty you comes handy: you can recreate this look with copper piping from the home improvement store. They almost always have a scrap… (via Man Made)

22 Copper Pipe Wall Hanging

Copper Pipe Wall Hanging22. Copper Pipe Wall Hanging: Hi, it’s Sarah Sherman Samuel here again from Smitten Studio & A Sunny Afternoon with a new gift-able DIY. I love the texture and dimension of woven or macrame wall hangings, but they can be quite pricey to buy, as they are usually so detailed and time consuming to make. Right now I am saving all my pennies to put towards our home renovation. So until our finances recover, I… (via A Beautiful Mess)

23 Copper Dipped Vases

Copper Dipped Vases23. Copper Dipped Vases: DIY Home Decorating and Crafts (via Homey Oh My!)

24 Copper Pipe and Wood Slice Side Table

Copper Pipe and Wood Slice Side Table24. Copper Pipe and Wood Slice Side Table: This side table is the perfect example of procrastination. I have been ‘planning’ this tutorial since we purchased our Christmas tree and it came with this hunk of wood on the bottom. I (naturally) squirrel led it away to make into the perfect DIY at a later date… Six months and 500 ideas later I decided I (via Fall for DIY)

25 Copper Succulent Centerpiece

Copper Succulent Centerpiece25. Copper Succulent Centerpiece: happy (day after) easter, friends! we had a wonderful morning at church, then a little walk with the kids, then the beach for a few hours. it was absolutely gorgeous there! had it not been almos… (via The Pleated Poppy)

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